100% Pure Honey

Our main product is Honey. We pull extract and bottle our own pure honey. We provide honey to our customers in 12 ounce Honey Bears, 16 ounce jars, 32 ounce jars, and 5 pound jugs. Our 16 ounce or 32 ounce jars come in plastic or glass. The 12 ounce and 5 pound are only available in plastic containers.

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Hand Cream & Lip Balm

With healthy honey bees you not only gets lots of honey, but lots of Beeswax. We save our beeswax and sell some of it in one ounce bars or in bulk quantities. It is amazing how many thing have beeswax in them or use beeswax. It seems like every year we hear something new. We also make Hand Cream & Lip Balm.

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Honey Bees & Queens

Mi Armada Apiaries currently has seven locations where we have honey bees. We are running a Russian/Carniolan mix. We do swarm removal and use those local colonies we catch with our know Russian/Carniolan colonies to raise our own queens.

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