About Us


Who is Mi Armada Apiaries?

We are a husband and wife operation. Our goal is to provide a top quality product to our local community. We do that by work our own bees. We do our own extracting and bottling. We offer our products at local markets and festivals. If you can't find us there, we have our honey available in five stores in the area.

Our Story

Our story is an interesting one. I am a Missouri Native and a Disabled Veteran. My wife is from The Republic of Panama and currently a High School Teacher. We met in Arizona when I was stationed at Fort Huachuca.  After leaving the Military, we returned to Missouri. My wife has asthma and her biggest trigger was pollen. After numerous trips to the emergence room, with my wife, for breathing treatments, a friend recommended that she should start using local honey. It helped my wife so much and we started using some much honey, we decided to get into beekeeping. We started with one hive and now have over a hundred.

Mi Armada Apiaries

When We got our first colony of honey bees, my wife would tease me by calling them my new army. I served in the United States Army. Of coarse she would say that in Spanish. "My Army" is "Mi Armada" in Spanish. So when we needed to come up with a name for the bees, Mi Armada seemed to be obvious choice. Apiary is an English name for a "Bees Yard." So, that's how we came up with Mi Armada Apiaries.

Our Logo

Our Bee

Our Honey Bee

As a few others have pointed out, our bee is not anatomically correct. Male Honey Bees do not have stingers. Only the female honeybee has a stingers. We decided that if we were calling our bee operation "Mi Armada Apiaries," we couldn't have some flowery label. We needed something more Military Looking. OK, Manly! So we came up with our bee. We had a couple of friends that hated it. We even had one who's wife insisted we couldn't put that on our labels. Well we did and everyone else seems to love the bee.

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